Our History
Acquired several clinical laboratories to build the medical channels of more than 2,000 clinics and hospitals.
June-October 2014
Signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the specific channels with Gene Health, Taiwan.
February 2014
Signed a three-year sCRO contract with an international pharmaceutical company.
December 2013
Cooperated “the Herbal Genome Analysis and Application Development Platform” with China Medical University, Taiwan. 
April 2013
Presented “the Scientific Chinese Medicine and Pharmacogenomics Development Platform” in the Cross-Strait Traditional Chinese Medicine Forum.
April 2012
Completed the corporate spin-off including the changes of company’s name, business address, and board of directors, which was approved by the New Taipei City Government.
December 2010
Signed the licensing agreement for the asthma-related technology with Sunwise Technology Limited, USA.
November 2009
Developed the leading gene chip analysis techniques for decoding the human genome in Asians.
December 2008
Obtained a United States patent entitled “Responsiveness to Therapy for Liver Disorders” (No. US 7,405,043).
September 2008
Accredited with the ISO13485:2003 Quality Controlling Systems for Laws and Regulations.
March 2007
Accredited with the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management Systems.
March 2007
Awarded “the Golden Torch Award” for the top ten potential companies by the Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association of Taiwan.
November 2006
Selected as one of the top ten influential biotechnology companies in Asia by BioSpectrum, an international media.
October 2006
Obtained a United States patent entitled “Method for Detecting a Propensity of an Individual to Respond Effectively to Treatment of Interferon-alpha and Ribavirin Combined Therapy”.
September 2006
Captured “the 14th Excellent Innovation Award”, which was announced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan.
August 2006
Obtained a grant from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan for the project about the molecular diagnostic tool for drug response in chronic hepatitis B.
July 2006
Accredited with the Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation (CNLA) by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF).
March 2006
Finalized twelve products including INFor, SmaPhile, MetaPro, AmSure, FH-Profiler, and cancer gene detection.
July 2005
Obtained a grant from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan for the project about the molecular diagnostic tool for predicting drug response for chronic hepatitis C.
July 2004
Acted as the first Affymetrix-affiliated gene chip service center in Asia to provide microarray services to academic research institutes as well as non-academic parties.
March 2003
Invested in CytoPharm, Inc. that develops cytokine products including interferon-alpha and interferon-beta generated from human cell lines.
March 2003
Signed an agreement to acquire Shanghai Gene Core Bio-Technologies in Shanghai, China from Applera Corporation.
January 2003
Joined the International Rice Genome Sequencing Project (IRGSP) with the Institute of Botany of Academia Sinica, the Taipei Veterans General Hospital,  National Yang-Ming University, and National Cheng Kung University. Vita Genomics was the one and only private company in the IRGSP project.
December 2002
Finished the first drat of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) database in Asians, which encompasses genetic variations among Asians and could lead to the development of drugs for diseases prevalent in the Asian region.
July 2002
Introduced by Nature and hence the first Taiwanese biotech company to be reported in the prominent interdisciplinary scientific journal.
March 2002
Established the headquarters and main facilities in Taipei, Taiwan.
December 2001
Obtained the approval letter of the New and Key Strategic Industry from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan.
June 2001
Established a marketing office in California, USA to build bridges with all major pharmaceutical and biotech companies and form strategic alliances in the US and European market.
April 2001
Signed a multi-year subscription agreement with Celera Genomics (NYSE:CRA), an Applera Corporation business, to access the Celera Discovery System and utilize Celera's integrated database products, bioinformatics systems, and other discovery tools to conduct genomics research.
March 2001
Founded by Dr. Ellson Chen, CEO and Mr. Preston Chen, Chairman.
Committed to become a premier genomics-based biotechnological and biopharmaceutical company in the Asia Pacific region.
March 2001