The Leading Pharmacogenomics Company in Asia Pacific
Vita Genomics was founded in March 2001. Dr. Ellson Chen, formerly chief scientist of the Human Genome Project (HGP), guides the technical team that focuses on a variety of human genome research projects, dedicates to the association studies between diseases and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), and engages in Pharmacogenomics research as well as clinical applications and development. From then on, Vita Genomics completed several analysis tests for the relationship between drug efficiency and genes and published the results in professional journals (see Pharmacogenomics, June 2007, Vol. 8, No. 6, Pages 669-673). In addition, Vita Genomics was the one and only Taiwanese company to be selected as one of the top ten influential biotechnology companies in Asia by BioSpectrum, an international media. In fact, Vita Genomics has received worldwide recognition for its advances in personalized medicine.
Vita Genomics has sharpened its intellectual properties and capabilities in research and development so that it has been granted numerous patents from the United States, China, and Taiwan. Moreover, we at Vita Genomics published more than seventy research papers in professional journals worldwide. Vita Genomics also has a value of $1.2 billion US dollars in the intangible assets, which was evaluated by an appraisement company certificated by the Industrial Development Bureau of Taiwan. Additionally, Vita Genomics captured the “14th Excellent Innovation Award”, which was announced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan in 2006. In the same year, it was awarded the “Golden Torch Award” for the top ten potential companies by the Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association of Taiwan. Apart from these prestigious awards, Vita Genomics was the one and only Taiwanese company to be positioned as an “Emerging Company of the Year” in Asia Pacific by BioSpectrum in 2010.
Furthermore, Vita Genomics signed a three-year sCRO contract with an international pharmaceutical company in 2013 and acquired several clinical laboratories to build the medical channels of more than 2,000 clinics and hospitals in 2014. On the other hand, Vita Genomics cooperates closely with the domestic biotechnology industry and academic institutions to jointly maximize the applications of gene testing. It is envisioned that Vita Genomics will vertically and horizontally integrate the industry and leverage its solid foundation in Taiwan to target the international market in the near future. 
Accredited Laboratories with International Certification and
R&D Technical Team for Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies

Vita Genomics possesses two internationally accredited standard laboratories, and thereby builds mammoth bridges with research centers and medical institutions in Asian. It also builds up a flood of genomics R&D resources in Asians. Vita Genomics not only integrates the high-tech analysis technology platforms in genomics but also provides the comprehensive clinical research services for the different phases of drug development. We are also the first choice for the major partners of multinational biotech and pharmaceutical companies in United States and Europe for research and development in pharmacogenomics. Besides, with the accredited laboratories, Vita Genomics acts as the spearhead and the focus of attention for the technical quality and quantity in Asia Pacific.

Accreditations & Certification Granted:

  • ISO/IEC 17025:Testing laboratory is accreditated by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF)
  • ISO 15189:Medical laboratories are accreditated by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF)
  • CAP PT/EQA (Proficiency Testing/External Quality Assurance): Medical laboratories
  • CRO company certified by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan
  • Certificated to sell medical devices by Public Health Department, New Taipei City Government
The First Asian SNP Database in the World
Vita Genomics successfully integrates and compares 4 million SNPs within the Celera, NCBI, TSC, and Japanese SNP databases to generate the world’s first SNP database tailored for Asians, which encompasses the genomic databases and technical platforms of common diseases for Asians. The last but not the least is that our joint efforts with R&D institutions, biotech companies, and multinational pharmaceutical companies in different countries help develop genomic platforms and products that have an enormous impact for disease diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. In the long run, we will launch the products in the world’s biotechnology market.