gene chip analysis

Gene chip analysis 

Analysis Introduction

  • Utilize high-performance gene chip system developed by Affymetrix to self-development various type of exclusive chips.
  • Products tailored for Asians are developed based on Vita Genomics’ exclusively owned database.


  • Develops globally available, such as BRCA chip and FH chip, or exclusively for Asian, such as WGS, chip detections
  • Provides several Affymetrix chip services such as WGScan and CytoScan


Utilizes analyzers that are the most reliable, highest standard and best reproducibility for experiments recognized by global laboratories then combines with Vita Genomics’ exclusively owned database to reach the maximum coverage.


Gene chips consists numerous DNA probes, thereby can acquire a lot of gene sequencing information in a detection, significantly shortening the test time and reducing human error when operating experiments.
Vita Genomics spares no expense to construct Taiwan's first technology platform of Affymetrix GeneChip so as to provide our clients gene chips with high-performance and high-accuracy.
Besides, Vita Genomics signed a cooperation agreement with Affymetrix GeneChip® System, an international chips maker, to provide the most reliable, highest standards and best reproducibility of experimental chip services. According to Vita Genomics’ exclusively owned database, the detection chips can reach the maximum coverage without doubt.